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UAE denies rumours on sick animals' video


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A viral video has been circulating on UAE social networking sites showing animals suffering from disease prompting the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to clarify that the video was an old one and should not be circulated on social media.

The video spread after the escalation of coronavirus epidemic, showing a herd of sick goats and cattle caged in dirty and unhygienic conditions.

“MOCCAE has learnt that a video of animals apparently suffering from a disease is being circulated on social media. We would like to clarify that the footage is old and involved a shipment of animals that were transported in inadequate conditions, leading to their poor health,” the Ministry said.

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“Therefore, the Ministry urges all the members of the public to seek information from reliable and official sources and beware of rumours and misleading news.”

In a statement, the Ministry stressed that the content, videos and images communicated via social media platforms may not always represent reliable sources of information unless they come from the official accounts of the authorities concerned with the subject.

“MOCCAE is committed to monitoring global health concerns in coordination with international organisations.”

“We are taking immediate precautionary measures to prevent diseases, pests and biohazards from entering the UAE, the Ministry aims to ensure that all products that fall within its purview reach consumers in a safe condition,” it added.

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