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Five accept Dhs4m bribe, make illegal Dhs9m profit in Dubai


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The Dubai Criminal Court has ruled that five Asians will be sentenced to two years in jail, fined, and deported for offering and accepting a bribe of around Dhs4 million and making illegal profits of around Dhs9 million. They also caused losses of over Dhs9 million to the company concerned.

The first defendant received a bribe of Dhs2.5 million, two business class airway tickets, one from Dubai to London for around Dhs30,000, and another to Madagascar for around Dh16,000. He also recieved a Rolex watch worth Dhs72,000.

The second defendant received a bribe of Dhs900,000, while the fifth received  Dhs600,000 in bribe for abusing their powers in monitoring the progress of work in the companies’ projects.


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After the projects were awarded to the bidder, the three defendants emailed confidential information to him without the company’s consent and without following the right legal procedures.

The confidential information was emailed to the fourth defendant, who worked as an assistant to the third, and was the bidder’s main official.

The first, second and fifth defendants also caused losses estimated at around Dhs9 million as bill differences that were added but not deducted although already paid to the bidder.

Dubai-Court A general view of the Dubai Courts.

This resulted in similar profits to the bidder, which the third defendant owned shares with as a partner. The defendants did not protect the rights and the profits of the company and made it easy for the bidder to obtain necessary official approvals from authorities concerned. They also concealed information and documents that caused losses to the company in return for the bribes.

Recently, a 38-year-old Arab Manager was convicted of falsifying two bank guarantees attributed to a UAE bank and using them to seize Dhs1.7 million in a real estate mosque construction deal.

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced the man to three months in jail and he will be deported after the completion of the term.

The account manager of the complainant company testified they signed a deal with the suspect’s company, which the suspect ran and represented, to build a mosque in Hatta. The deal was worth Dhs11 million.

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