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Baniyas projects cost Dhs359 million: Municipality


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Mohammed Alaa, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has revealed that Baniyas projects cost Dhs359,297,811. This cost includes a road project worth Dhs37,797,811; road and infrstructure projects covering seven plots in Baniyas West, worth Dhs100 million, and  Baniyas East 11 area project of Dhs168,300,000. There is also a road and infrastructure project in Baniyas (EB2_01) which costs Dhs53,200,000.

The municipality said that  EB2 / 01,02,03,04 sectors projects include construction of major roads, entrances, a one km rainwater drainage network, a one km water network and an electricity network with a length of 65 km. There is also a project to develop roads and infrastructure in the area surrounding Baniyas Villas for the basins WB2, WB3A, WB3C.

The cost also includes an internal and infrastructure road project, the second phase for the Baniyas East and Baniyas West, in addition to current and ongoing maintenance projects including rainwater drainage project, maintenance and replacement of lighting posts, lamps, and lighting equipment, bridges, car tunnels and pedestrians on the mainland of Abu Dhabi.

Last year, Abu Dhabi Municipality carried out an internal roads and infrastructure project in Al Bahyah, at a cost of Dhs311 million.

The municipality had closed Swimming Pool No.1 in Al Bahyah on 1st Sept 2019, as its location was included in the area covered by the project, which now serve new areas of Al Bahya.

The municipality, which started the project in July 2019, provided alternatives for the closed pool, which included Swimming Pool No. 4 in Al Bahyah that was kept open from 7:30 to 19:30, and pools No.2 and No.3 for women and children (aged seven years and under) that were kept open from 12:30 to 18:30.

In the same year, in July, the municipality completed the Al Zahiyah Development Project, at a cost of Dhs28.8 million, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi General Services Company, Musanada, and the Department of Transport.

The project included the restoration of services facilities, improvement to traffic, and the redevelopment of pedestrian walkways and infrastructure, such as telecommunications, water and electricity, as well as new street lighting, traffic signs, and a rainwater drainage network from Al Firdous Street to Street 10.

The project aimed to improve local infrastructure, services and facilities, to comply with the emirate’s overall development.

In 2018, Abu Dhabi City Municipality carried out seven-metre landscaping works at Sheikh Zayed Bridge and on road sides to and from Al-Maqtaa Bridge, at a cost of Dhs5 million.

Works included the fitting of coloured stones and tiles, carving floral motifs and planting domestic hedges and 381 palm trees, as part of Abu Dhabi’s palm trees cultivation plan that aims to preserve the emirate’s heritage and ancestors’ legacy.

The project was part of the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities efforts to enhance the aesthetics of the city and harmonise the silhouette of the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, which is one of the UAE’s distinctive landmarks and considered a global architectural masterpiece.

In the same year, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality completed all maintenance works of the street linking Al Mina & Abu Dhabi Corniche. Works aimed at rehabilitating the road, enhancing its efficiency, and raising the level of safety and security for users.

The Municipality, in cooperation with its strategic partners, announced the reopening of the street on 17th March 2018, in the direction from Al Mina.

The maintenance of Al Mina and Abu Dhabi Corniche Street included scraping and replacing the asphalt layer with a new layer of high-quality international standards. In addition to re-paving the asphalt cladding, and providing quality driving according to the highest safety and security standards for road users. It also included the surrounding road assets, alterations of sanitation facilities and rainwater drainage.

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