Dubai court starts trial of duo who thrash man after he demands salary dues, take photos of him naked - GulfToday

Dubai court starts trial of duo who thrash man after he demands salary dues, take photos of him naked


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday started trial of two people on charges of assaulting an Asian for requesting his dues to be paid. They were also accused of taking photos of the naked victim to pressure him not to tell the police.

The case, which the Dubai Public Prosecution investigated, dates back to last January when the victim, who was on a visit visa to the UAE, was beaten by the defendants and others after he had asked for payment of his salary of Dhs1,500.


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According to the official records, the victim testified that he came to the UAE to look for a job but could not find one. He later met a person who found a job for him on a monthly salary of Dhs1,500, the victim said. However, he used to be given only Dhs100 or Dhs50. When the victim threatened the employer that he would report him to the police unless he was given his dues, he was surprised by other people taking him to a room, beating him up and taking photos of him after stripping him. After stealing his Dhs500 mobile phone, the defendants threatened to post photos of him in the buff on social media.

A couple of months ago a labourer masterminded a robbery at his workplace to avenge a salary reduction, a court heard on Tuesday.

The Arab defendant, 29, sought the help of a compatriot colleague, 22, in robbing scaffoldings worth Dhs37, 104 from a site under construction in Bur Dubai on Aug.11. The items belonged to a contracting company.

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At around 7pm they distracted the site’s security guard by sending him to buy items from a grocery. He returned before they could finish and tried to stop them. The colleague injuriously punched his head.

The Ethiopian guard, 30, said, “It was Eid holiday. There was no work at the site. The colleague asked me to escort him to the grocery. On the way, he kept making calls asking someone whether they found a vehicle.

“I returned to the site and spotted a pickup vehicle driving out. It was loaded with building items belonging to our employer. It was driven by a stranger. I waved telling him to stop but he refused and drove away.”

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