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Over 4,000 drivers want to exchange automatic driving licences for manual ones


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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has responded to the requests of 4,377 motorists applying to swap their automatic driving licences for manual ones.

“The launch of this service aims to meet the needs of light driving licence holders seeking to convert their driving licence category from automatic to a manual transmission. About 4,377 driving licenses have so far been converted, including 1,416 applications submitted in 2019,” said Sultan Al Akraf, Director of Drivers Licensing, Licensing Agency, RTA.

“Applicants would be tested without being subjected to training lessons at the RTA. The test would focus on the handling of the manual gear system. In case of failing the test, the applicant would be notified about his or her improvement areas and may select an appropriate way for improving those points before re-applying for a test,” he noted.

“Dealing with manual transmission needs certain skills such as attentiveness while shifting gears, ability to shift gears without distraction, and coping with the smooth-shifting between gears while driving. It is a different case scenario for holders of manual transmission driving licences. They can easily cope with the automatic transmission without requiring tests, as the automatic transmission needs no action while driving,” he explained.

“RTA is making every effort to meet the needs of drivers through streamlined processes as they are closely related to the safety and security of roads and users. Such efforts translate into realising RTA’s vision of Safe & Smooth Transport for All,” concluded Al Akraf.

RTA intends to use big data received through Customers Relations Management, CRM, system, call centre (8009090), website and digital media in screening customers’ reviews and trends related to its services on offer.

The ultimate objective of the move is to achieve higher customer satisfaction rating and happiness, RTA said.

In a meeting with directors at RTA’s Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, emphasised the importance of improving RTA services to customers.

He called for simplifying procedures and reducing the time of processing RTA’s transactions to keep it at par with the top global practices.

Analysing customers’ reviews and trends is part of RTA’s digital strategy deliverables of using big data in improving customers’ satisfaction. In the initial phase, views and reviews received via the CRM system and Twitter account would be analysed and geographical sources be identified.

In a later stage, the process would cover demographic analysis and spread across all mass media channels.

The meeting reviewed the automation of customer needs, FICI, to enable RTA customers to obtain services customised to their needs and preferences and more accessibility. The system, the first of its kind among government entities, lists and analyses all data from different sources with the aim of leveraging customers’ service experience.

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