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Dhs6 million donations to settle debts of Dubai inmates


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

More than 11,000 inmates were released by The Correctional and Punitive Establishments at Dubai Police, after their debts were settled by Dubai charitable associations and philanthropists, worth Dhs6 million.

This initiative comes under the Dubai Police’s humanitarian approach to grant members of society second chances to reform and start anew through providing the necessary support in collaboration with concerned authorities and generous individuals.

Brigadier Ali Mohammed Al Shamali, Director of the General Department of Correctional and Punitive Establishments at Dubai Police, said that the annual programmes, aid and initiatives of the Department reflect Dubai Police’s conception of prisons as a place of reformation rather than punishment.

He added that the Department has adopted a path of tolerance, coexistence, benevolence, and giving others a second chance to return to the path of righteousness once again.

“In this spirit, we are keen on strengthening social responsibility in coordination with charities and philanthropists to end the suffering of inmates and help them start again, improve their conditions, and solve their financial and social problems,” Brigadier Al Shamali said.

Separately, a new service is soon to be launched by the Dubai Police General HQ, titled “Sail Safely”, that is dedicated to communicating with those who are lost in the sea, using the latest technologies and AI systems.

Brigadier General Khalid Nasser Al Razouki, Director of the General Directorate of Artificial Intelligence, explained that the developed application operates by finding and describing the accurate location of missing sailors, which helps rescuers respond faster to emergencies.

“The application operates by automatically sending fours distress signals (messages) that ranges up to 7 nautical miles in depth, and 70 nautical miles along coasts of Dubai Emirate. Such service enables finding quick and efficient solutions,” Brig. Gen. Al Razouki added.

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