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Man charged with drink driving, endangering people’s lives


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Appellate Court looked into the case of a suspect charged with driving vehicle while he was drunk and driving recklessly, endangering others’ lives.

The Public Prosecution previously referred the suspect to court after an accident occurred due to the feckless driving while drunk, destroying a number of roadblocks, and colliding with a traffic light post, and damaging the vehicle.

The suspect was taken to hospital for treatment.

After his discharge from the hospital, the prosecution charged him with driving recklessly while drunk.

The suspect denied the charges, noting that he had consumed energy drinks which contained alcoholic substances, indicating that the accident occurred when he attempted to avoid a person crossing the road. He added the result of the blood sample was inaccurate, as he did not take alcoholic drinks.

The medical report affirmed his blood sample contained large quantities of alcohol.


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