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Fraudulent gang steal Dhs1.7 million from bank account


Picture used for illustration.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred a gang of 6 Asian, to criminal court for stealing Dhs1.7 million from a customer’s bank account.

It took place when a businessman, client of the bank decided to deposit an amount that exceeds Dhs2 million, and travel for a vacation to his home country for three months. Upon returning he discovered that Dhs1.7 million had been withdrawn from his account.

The customer immediately filed a complaint and the matter was investigated.

Investigations revealed that one of the 6 men was working as an employee in the bank, and he was the one who accessed the bank’s e-system and stole the money.  The defendant seemed to have taken advantage of the victim’s absence, and planned the embezzlement with the other five members of the group.

From their side, some members of the gang forged identification documents of the victim and applied for a new SIM card replacement under the victim’s name.

The defendants changed the customer’s phone number, and registered his bank account number. They managed to run online transactions without being detected.

Accordingly, the defendants are charged with leaking of confidential information, forgery, and theft of Dhs1.7 million.


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