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Gibran’s ‘Broken Wings’ comes to Dubai Opera


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Imran Mojib, Special Correspondent

This weekend will see the acclaimed musical ‘Broken Wings’, a musical adaptation of the iconic poet Gibran Khalil Gibran’s 1912 masterpiece, brought to the UAE for the very first time by Broadway Entertainment Group and Dubai Opera.

With only three shows taking place at Dubai Opera between Friday and Saturday, ‘Broken Wings’ is a stunning piece of contemporary music written to showcase the richness of Arabic literature and philosophy, allowing international audiences access to the complexity and beauty of Middle Eastern art and performance.

The musical first made its debut in London’s West End in August 2018 to sold-out shows, followed by a stellar performance which took place in Lebanon during the Beiteddine Festival in July 2019, home to the late Gibran Khalil Gibran to whom this musical production pays tribute.

Liz Koops, CEO of Broadway Entertainment Group said, “’Broken Wings’ is a show that will inspire and impact musical theatre fans as well as literary aficionados and transport them back in history to young Gibran returning to Lebanon after years away in the US. With just a handful of dates for this show, now is the time to book your tickets.” Dubai Opera Spokesperson said, “We are thrilled to have this West End musical brought to life, on stage, at our iconic venue. ‘Broken Wings’ creates a cultural bridge between the East and West by blending a Middle Eastern story with a Western art form. The show will not only inspire audiences to learn more about the early years of the legendary Gibran, but is set to bring cultures together and unite audiences through music and art.

‘Broken Wings’ is a poetic novel written in English by Gibran Khalil Gibran and first published in 1912. An ageing Gibran narrates from his cold studio in New York. Through poetry and music, he transports us back two decades and across continents, to turn-of-the-century Beirut. His eighteen-year-old-self returns to the Middle East after five years in the US, to complete his education and discover more of his heritage. He falls deeply in love with Selma Karamy, the daughter of family friend and hugely respected local businessman, Farris Karamy. However, Selma soon becomes betrothed to Mansour Bey Galib, nephew of the powerful Bishop Bulos Galib, who has his eye on the Karamy family fortune. Gibran and Selma fight to reconcile their love for one another, whilst navigating the rules, traditions and expectations that their society lays before them.

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