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Asians accused of stealing electrical equipment


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Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Criminal Court adjourned to Jan.28 the case of two Asian suspects charged with stealing electrical equipment from a residential villa. The court also ordered the continued imprisonment of the suspects.  

The suspects alleged during the trial sessions that they were beaten to confess to the robbery.

The witness, a security personnel working for the Sharjah Police, testified that he questioned the suspects through an interpreter, who documented their confession of stealing electrical wires and lighting devices from a residential villa in Al Rahmaniyah area, which they sold on the same day.

In court, the two suspects claimed they confessed during the investigations due to pressure and beatings, denying the charges, indicating that they had been in custody for 3 months.

In a separate event, a 50-year old jobless GCC national attempted to escape the payment of a Dhs700,000 loan he got from a bank after he forged an official death certificate and presented it with the help of his uncle, his father and his wife to the bank so that the debt would be paid off.

According to the investigations of the Dubai Public Prosecution, the suspect was convicted of one of the crimes in 2008, and was consequently fired from his military work. He allegedly left the country. He then asked his Asian uncle to get a forged death certificate for him. The uncle got the certificate attested by their country consulate, then the suspect’s father travelled to his son and handed him the certificate with which he returned to the UAE and presented it to the bank. The father gave the wife a copy to apply for a loan as well.

Recently, the Dubai Criminal Court charged nine Asians with importing drugs in two separate cases. In the first case, seven Asians were charged with importing 72 kilogrammes of drugs, and in the second, two Asians illegally imported psychotropic substances in the form of medicinal slices and 74,340 prazolam tablets for peddling by hiding them in a wooden container.

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