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Asian molests 10-year-old-girl


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

A 35-year-old Asian molested a 10-year-old girl, when he was helping her mother to put items she bought from a cooperative in the car.

The victim’s mother testified that after  shopping, the suspect went out with her to help her put her things in the car where her daughter was in the front seat.

She added the suspect asked the girl’s mother to put the egg carton in front so that it would not break and he put it under the front seat next to the driver’s and left.

Then, the mother noticed her daughter was confused and frightened, so she asked her about what happened, and she told her mother that the suspect molested her.

Recently, the Dubai Police General Command revealed the identity of a criminal who raped an Arab woman eight years ago, thanks to advances in DNA technology.

The case was reportedly registered against an anonymous person, but was not closed.

“It is not the first time to uncover a case after years, thanks to the professionalism of forensic experts at the General Command. The unknown cases remain open and the accused or suspect is pursued,” said Major General Khalil Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation.

Al Mansouri clarified that though eight years passed since the crime was committed, the Dubai Police did not close the case file and did not stop searching for the culprit, who was not recognised due to lack of evidence, but he left biological evidence at the crime scene which was lifted and stored.

Major Dr Rashid Al Ghaferi, Head of the Biological and Nuclear DNA Department, said that 8 years ago the Dubai police received a report about an Arab being raped by an unknown person in the Riffa area. He added investigations were conducted but the culprit was not recognised, so the case was registered against an unknown.

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