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The magnificent desert stretches of Dubai


A dreamy trip in the highest skies.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

What if you could go back in time and witness the different paths of history through a unique trip in a hot air balloon? A journey that brings together the historical past and present of a city that doesn’t know the word “impossible?”

The higher the balloon takes you, the more you feel that cold morning breeze… accompanied by the magnificent desert falcons to fly together in such a one of a kind trip in Dubai desert.

Our journey started from 5am from a hotel in Dubai, to drive the streets of this outstanding city and witness the beauty of the desert’s golden sand.

No one ever believed that so many secrets and mysteries could be hidden in the arms of the desert… mysteries and beauty that one could pay thousands for just to discover.

The balloon pilots and maintenance engineers are getting ready to start our discovery journey, which include nearly 5 different tourist groups from all over the world.

Confused feelings of fear and thrill start to take over us as soon as we approach the crowd, while the balloon pilot, Peter Johnson, was comforting our mixed emotions and ensuring the beautiful surprises of this journey.

Suddenly, all our fears faded away once we saw that outstanding falcon, which is a part of UAE’s heritage.

The crowd was stunned by its beauty and grace and were rushing to take photos with the falcon’s trainer, John.

A moment of silence took over the group as soon as we started to fly… and all noises and trouble of the land started fading away as we flew higher to a whole other fascinating world. The scenery could only be described and appreciated with absolute silence and admiration.

The silence was only broken by the sound of cameras, capturing the grace of Dubai desert and its golden sand; with the mountain rocks guarding the area as soldiers.

Natalia Jomino, a tourist among the group, quietly whispered to praise the scenery, stating that she could never miss the chance of visiting UAE whenever she can. She mentioned that it was the first time she was flying in a hot air balloon above Dubai desert, and that it was very unique to witness the company of falcons in such a trip.

Additionally, the falcon’s trainer started illustrating the distinctive way of training such a creature to fly during the balloon trip. Amazingly, his falcon training started all the way from Italy to Dubai; and this was the first balloon trip for his falcon.

As soon as the falcon was set free, he elegantly flew next to the other falcons and blended together in their magical world. Tourists started wondering how the trainer can be sure of the falcon’s return! But, he was certain that his rigorous training for the falcon would work out, and once a whistle goes off, the falcon would directly return to him. He also added that a small smart device is planted in the falcon’s back to prevent losing him under any circumstances.

Among the group were Samantha and her friend Elizabeth, who expressed their extreme happiness to experience such a useful and unique trip. Samantha praised the beautiful pictures she captured and put on “Instagram” to receive the admiration of her followers; while Elizabeth mentioned how her friends in Britain desired to live the same experience of Dubai desert after seeing the beautiful photos she posted on social media.

Another member of the group, John Memorica, also shared his feelings about the trip, mentioning how memorable it was, and expressing his enthusiasm for witnessing the falcon’s presence.

He considered the trip as educational and not just entertaining, as he was learning new information about the world of falcons and the desert.

As the journey was ending, we sadly packed our things to land after a dreamy trip in the highest skies. But inside our minds, this historical trip will last forever; to remind us of the past and draw dreams of the future.

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