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Man gets seven years’ jail term for murder


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a 37-year-old jobless GCC national to seven years in jail on charges of stabbing another with a knife during a fight, claiming his life due to the cutting of the brachial artery and the interruption of blood circulation.

The case dates back to August 2019 when the police received a report alerting a quarrel in Mezhar 1 area in Dubai between a number of young men, one of whom was killed with a knife.

A policeman testified that he rushed to the scene where he found the victim lying on the ground unconscious and bleeding from multiple wounds on his body.

One of the witnesses who was next to the victim reported that there were previous disputes between the suspect and the victim. He said, “The victim’s brother concealed his car at the suspect place but the latter disclosed its place, so the brother blamed him and a fight broke out between them.”

During the fight, the suspect stabbed the victim in his chest.

Another witness testified that the suspect had a friend who attempted to break the fight and help the victim, but the suspect stabbed him and fell unconscious, then they got into the car of the victim’s brother and fled.

A friend of the suspect who was there on the scene claimed that the suspect took the knife with him, stopped at a petrol station, where he washed the knife and hid it under the driver’s seat. By reviewing the records of the surveillance cameras, it was not clear that the car got into the station.

The police also found a needle with a friend of the suspect, for drug use.

One of the witnesses testified that the suspect and his friend at the time of the crime conducted themselves abnormally, and a witness who was close to the place added that she was at her brother’s house when she heard loud voices. She added she saw a person stabbing another.

The suspect claimed that he did not have a knife but took it from the victim’s hand and stabbed him in self-defence.

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