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Driver harasses woman during a trip


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The Dubai Public Prosecution on Monday referred an Asian driver to the Criminal Court over the charge of sexual harassment of a European woman while transporting her to her house.

In details, the plaintiff took a taxi in front of a nightclub in the area of Dubai Financial Centre to transfer her to home. On the way, while sitting in the backseat, the driver verbally harassed her with indecent words, however she was kept ignoring him. He turned around and began to star at her brazenly. When he arrived near her building, he got off the car and got in the backseat next to her and molested her. She pushed him, got off the vehicle and walked to her apartment. She then called the police and recognised him at the police station, and he was arrested.

On Sunday, the Dubai Criminal Court looked into two separate threats and insults cases.

The suspect in the first case, a 19-year-old GCC man was charged with insulting and threatening a compatriot girl.

As for the second case, a 29-year-old African was charged with threatening to kill his manager if he did not receive his financial dues.

According to the papers of the first case, the suspect sent the victim voice messages insulting her, threatening her and informing her family and brothers about his relationship with her, if she did not unblock him on Instagram and Snapchat.

In the second case, the victim is a 32-year-old Asian manager who called the police when the suspect came to meet him at his workplace, and asked him for his financial dues because he had already been sacked.

The suspect refused the amount the manager offered him, and flew into rage. He shouted and threatened to kill everyone and kill himself. Then, he opened his bag and took out a bottle, claiming that it contained petroleum material. He reportedly threatened to burn everyone and burn himself, but the attendees took control of him and then called the police.

Recently, the Dubai Public Prosecution referred two female visitors to the Misdemeanors Court on charges of begging people for money. The two women were arrested and the amounts in their possession, seized.

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