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Malawi officials visit Rashid Centre


The visiting delegation expressed deep admiration for the services and facilities provided to the students.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

A delegation consisting of officials from the Educational ministry of Malawi has recently visited the Rashid Centre for People of Determination in Dubai to review the educational and rehabilitation programmes for its over 200 students of determination.

The delegation was received by Maryam Othman, Director General of the Centre and accompanied the guests to on the educational tour to see the facilities and the training and rehabilitation programs which benefit about 233 male and female students of various disabilities and nationalities at the Centre.

Maryam Othman expressed her great appreciation for this visit from an African country geographically distant from the UAE.

Justin Aduck, Secretary General of Education, Science and Technology of the Malawi Government said, “We have heard a lot about the centre and about  Mariam Othman and her career in humanitarian work, and despite the geographical dimension, we are monitoring these tracks and humanitarian work, and we hope to benefit from the experiences of the center in enhancing our services to the people of determination in our country.”

The visiting delegation expressed their deep admiration for the services and facilities provided to the students. The group was very happy with the latest methods of treatments in all the departments and appreciated the efforts by the centre.

The group was also very impressed with the training and vocational rehabilitation workshops while also took part in a number of activities presented by students of determination from different departments of the Rashid Centre.

At the end of the visit, Maryam Othman presented a plaque of appreciation from the center to the visiting delegation.

Recently, the Rashid Centre for People of Determination organised a day-long event with multiple activities to celebrate the 48th National Day.

Patrons from different segments of life visited the stalls which not only showcased Emiratis entrepreneurship skills but also enthralled the vistors with fun filled activities. Stall displaying UAE’s heritage and traditional captivated the audience with Yaula and national songs while many students in co-operation with various private organisations set up traditional tents displaying folklore, including traditional dishes and henna.

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