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Science key to kids’ early learning, says educator


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Sajjad Ahmad, Staff Reporter

New initiatives and scientific techniques are needed in the early development of children to enable them align with the need for a fast-changing modern life. Schools around the world can play a vital role in this regard by installing new scientific approaches to early learning, said Elisa Guerra, International Commission Member at Unesco for Futures of Education.

She was speaking in Dubai on the topic of “Multiplying a child’s intelligence” at an event organised by Masterminds Nursery & Kindergarten, a Dubai-based Early Learning Institute.

Elisa said that the use of science to inform learning and development can have profound results for children, particularly those in their first few years of life.

She also highlighted the brain development in the early years and how this creates the critical foundation for a child not just for school but for life.

She addressed the important role of neuroscience behind child development in the first six years and techniques to multiply the growth of brain in early years.

Her presentation revolved around key facts based on over 60 years of research by some of the world’s leading researchers and child developmentalists.

Elisa, the two-time Global Teacher Prize finalist and recipient of the Brazilian Gold Medal of Honour, said: “It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child, and now more than ever, we live in a global village, a complex interconnected world. Our future is intrinsically linked with the future of every child. Our ability to provide that child with the right physical, social, cognitive and emotional support will determine our ability to progress and thrive as a society.” She concluded, “New concepts of learning and knowledge are needed to get prepared for the 4IR and to benefit from the future advanced technological development.”

Commenting on the success of the event, Tania Siddiqi, Co-Founder and Director at Masterminds, said: “It was sheer delight to have Elisa Guerra as our expert adviser for this event. The overall response has been excellent, and many parents were fascinated to learn how their child can get the best start in life through our innovative methodologies – and well into their adulthood.”

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