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Dubai Police probe 655 fire incidents


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Somaya Saad, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Police investigated 655 fire incidents since the beginning of 2019, including 28 premeditated incidents, compared to 726 during the same period in 2018, according to the first expert Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed, head of the Criminal and Mechanical Engineering Department at the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence and Criminology in Dubai Police.

Fourteen of the incidents were committed deliberately, he added.

Ahmed noted the most notable incident was of 40-year-old person who was stranded in his burning car.

Ahmed added that on receiving the report, security patrols rushed to the scene, where they found a burnt-out body inside the car.

Teams took the fingerprints inside the car and stressed no criminal suspicion was proved, and that the person died of a heart attack while his foot was on the accelerator, causing the engine to burn.

Police teams conducted investigations to find out more details about the incident while the body was taken to hospital.

Recently, an Asian national died when his vehicle fell from the third storey of a building at the Dubai Airport cargo village as he was driving back to park it.

According to Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of Traffic Department at the Dubai Police, a tipoff was received by the Command and Control Centre at the General Directorate of Operations, alerting that a car had fallen from the third storey at the cargo village.

Immediately, the police patrols were rushed to the scene where they found the car had fallen when it was being driven backwards, resulting in the death of the driver and damage to the car.

Mazrouei added further investigations were done to find out the main reasons for the incident.

Dubai Police affirmed that the negative and wrong behaviour which distract some of the drivers’ attention caused serious accidents, deaths, injuries and material losses.

Police called on motorists to abide by traffic rules and regulations, so as to avoid the risk of traffic accidents, resulting injuries and loss of life and property. Last week, the Traffic and Patrols Department at the Sharjah Police arrested a person who caused death of an Asian man, 29, in an accident.

The incident caused by the accused took place in the fifth industrial area, as he hit the victim and ran away. But the security teams managed to arrest him within 24 hours of the accident’s occurrence.  The investigating teams had no details or data about the vehicle that caused the accident from the persons who were at the scene, they only found scattered pieces of the vehicle that the accident.

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