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Gang of five steals cars, exports them as spare parts


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The Dubai Criminal Court on Monday began the trial of a gang of five Asians, an Arab businessman and another (fugitive) who are facing charges of stealing cars and exporting them as spare parts.

The defendants distributed roles among them to carry out the thefts, which amounted to about 10 robberies.

They stole those cars and exported them as spare parts, according to official documents.

The fugitive accused was the boss of the gang, who was providing the sixth accused with information about the targeted cars to steal.

They usually committed the robberies after midnight.

They first uproot the lock of the car’s trunk, and hand it over to the third defendant, who goes to the industrial area in Sharjah to make a copy of the key on that dislodged lock.

After obtaining a key, the fugitive accused and the sixth one head to the car, turn it on, and drive it to the second defendant.

The latter goes to the fourth and fifth defendants, who work in a car workshop. They take pictures of the car and send them to the first defendant who buys and exports it abroad as spare parts.

The victim witnessed said in the investigations conducted by the Dubai Public Prosecution, that he found out a car owned by the company he works for had been stolen.

This was after he thought that it might have been withdrawn and impounded by the Municipality, because he parked it in a dusty area in Al Qusais Industrial Area 5 for nearly three months.

The car’s registration had expired and its many malfunctions needed repairing, so he parked it in that place until he could fix it, he told the prosecution.

He knew that it had been stolen when he visited the Municipality and found that it did not seize it, so he reported to the police.

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