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Dubai Court charges three with robbery


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Ihab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday heard three robbery cases of a 49-year-old site supervisor, a 27-old-year old employee, and a 24-year-old jobless Asian.

The site supervisor was charged with stealing equipment and pipes from the company’s site, worth Dhs42,000.

The GCC employee was charged with stealing Dhs4,050 from a person who he lured and assaulted, while the jobless Asian was charged with stealing Dhs1,200 from the wallet of a person, in one of the bus stations.

In the first case, the suspect took advantage of his job to steal the company’s equipment and pipes supplied to one of the company’s sites.

The suspect transported the pipes and other items to an unknown location on a truck he hired, but the guard of the site discovered the crime and photographed it at the request of the project manager.

In the second case, a 59-year-old cook was waiting for a public bus, when a car stopped in front of him and people inside the car asked the cook about his destination.

They offered to drop him for Dhs15 and he agreed.

When he got into the car, he noticed they drove to another street.

Then, it stopped by the side of the road, where a person got down, then got into again, claiming that the victim stole his wallet.

He reportedly grabbed his clothes, searched him and stole Dhs4,050 from his wallet and then threw him out of the car.

In the third case, a 25-year-old person testified while he was near a bus station in the Jebel Ali area.

The suspect stole his wallet and threw it to two others, who stole Dhs1,200 from it.

When the victim attempted to catch them, the suspect stopped him.

The victim informed the police and an officer headed to the scene and arrested the suspect after being identified by the victim.

Recently, the Dubai Criminal Court sentenced two GCC suspects to five years in jail each, on charges of impersonating two Interpol police officers, kidnapping a 33-year-old Asian and stealing from him.

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