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Dubai court convicts two Asians in bribery case


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Criminal Court in Dubai on Monday convicted two Asians for offering a bribe of Dhs3,000 to an inspector and a warehouse administrator at the Emirates Red Crescent-Dubai branch to pass and accept a benefactor’s donation of 150 tonnes of expired salt.

The convicts have been sentenced to three months in jail and fined Dhs5,000 each, to be followed by deportation.

According to the police records, the second defendant (salesman) was asked by the first to get rid of a shipment of expired salt and sell it at any possible price.

He was told to sell it for Dhs8 per sack against a commission of 50 fils per sack that amounted to 3,200 sacks. He wanted to vacate the warehouse for a new shipment imported from abroad. He failed to sell it to traders as the sacks bore two different dates of expiry.

The second suspect thought to contact one of the donors whom he know and used to request quantities of food to donate to the ERC.

He offered to sell him the sack for Dhs4. The donor accepted provided to send a sample to be examined by ERC.

The defendant actually sent a sample to the ERC, which was found expired and unfit for human consumption.

The second defendant then mediated between the first and the employee offering the latter a bribe of Dhs3,000 in return for passing the shipment and accepting as a donation from the benefactor.

Separately, a 42-year-old Asian businessman has threatened to kill a 46-year-old compatriot woman unless she waives a lawsuit she filed against him.

The woman reportedly accused him of issuing a dud cheque to her.

During the investigation, the plaintiff affirmed to the Dubai Public Prosecution that the accused issued a cheque to her against a sum of money she lent to him with the purpose of investment.  But, she could not cash the cheque, because it was rejected by the bank due to insufficiency of balance in the defendant’s account.

Therefore, she filed a complaint against him with the judicial authorities.

When the accused knew about the complaint, he called her and threatened to kill her and destroy her family if she did not waive the lawsuit.

The victim’s daughter testified that she heard the accused threatening her mother via the mobile phone’s speaker.

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