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Drunk man accused of sexual harassment


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Mohammad Yaseen, Staff Reporter

A young Arab man, 30, sexually assaulted an Asian, 32, after they had taken alcoholic beverages in a hotel. The Dubai Public Prosecution referred the defendant to the Dubai Criminal Court, which heard the first session of the case on Sunday. The case dates back to March when the defendant took advantage of his friendship with an Asian woman and their presence in a hotel room to sexually assault her.

According to the victim’s testimony, she and the defendant became friends after they had met in a park. He then started to communicate with her and asked her to meet him. He later invited her and her friend who was with her to dinner. The defendant also invited them and his friend to spend the night in a party after she finished work. They all went to a party where they had alcoholic beverages.

The victim went on to say that the defendant and his friend told her and her friend that they could not drive them back home because they were under the effect of alcoholic beverages. The defendant then proposed they book a room in the hotel to spend the night there. Later, the defendant assaulted the victim sexually although she implored him not to do so.

In another case, the Dubai appellate court upheld the verdict sacking a security man and jailing him for three years on charges of stealing Dhs272,000.

Other four culprits were sentenced to three years in prison, to be followed by deportation.

The security man was charged with conniving with the others, two Cameroonian nationals to swindle money from a Currency trader. The two suspects agreed with the trader to buy $150,000 for Dhs272,000. They all met in Al Baraha area, where the security man came with two Arab nationals who claimed they were criminal detectives and arrested the trader for illegally selling currency. They then fled with the money which they distributed and the security man got Dhs100,000.

The trader said when he discovered he had been swindled, he informed the police. The police investigated the case and arrested the suspects.

The security man denied his connection with the crime and his knowledge of the other suspects, but their testimonies affirmed his involvement.

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