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Guard who raped sick teen gets 25 years in jail


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A building’s security guard who habitually raped a mentally ill teen whenever her mother went her way must spend 25 years behind bars, the Appeals Court has ruled.

The Asian defendant, 21, sexually assaulted the Iraqi victim, 18, inside her mother’s apartment in Al Rifa’a on several occasions in Aug.2018. He made use of her weakness, mental illness and absence of her mother.

Besides the rape, he was found guilty of violating the family apartment’s privacy by entering without permission with intent to rape. He had a spare key he used to gain access whenever the mother left for work.

During police and prosecution questionings, he confessed to have abused her “thrice only.” However, during court questioning on Jan.30 he denied the rape and trespassing charges.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced him to 25 years in jail to be followed by deportation. He appealed seeking to challenge the ruling. The Appeals Court rejected his plea and upheld the severe punishment.

In prosecution records, her mother, 52, narrated, “I moved with her and my mother to the apartment in Al Rifa’a in February. I wanted to change the apartment lock but the security guard protested the move. “He instead handed me a key and kept a spare one for himself.” She added that she later noticed her daughter was relentlessly crying. She had also lost appetite. “I did not know the reasons behind her suffering.

“I lured her to a discussion on the evening of Sept.11 and asked her what was wrong. She told me that whenever I and my mother left, the guard would enter using the spare key and harass her,” said the mother The mother added that she realised he made use of having the spare key.  She said the daughter suffered from mental disorders such as lack of concentration and difficulty in communicating with others.

“This made her an easy prey for others, which is what the defendant observed and exploited in luring and tricking her into complying with his despicable demands,” said the mother.

The family reported the defendant to Al Rifa’a Police Station. Cops nabbed him shortly. During an identity parade, the victim identified him as the man in the habit of abusing her.

A report from the Department of Forensic Science and Criminology confirmed he was with her. Doctors recommended she be referred to therapy to be able to overcome the trauma resulting from the abuse ordeal.

A report from a hospital in Dubai revealed the victim suffered from a mental illness preventing her from knowing right from wrong. She was thus not responsible for her actions.

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