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2 traders in court for stealing money, computers


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred two African businessmen to court for stealing about Dhs3,500 and two computers from an American school.

According to case papers, the school principal testified she received a call from the school accountant on the morning of Sept.10, 2019 while she was at her home, telling her that there was a break in the iron safe in the accounting office.

The principal added she asked the accountant not to enter the office and then she contacted the school owner and the police.

Surveillance cameras showed that someone tried to remove the cameras but failed and could only change their direction. In the meantime his entire face was photographed and was seen stealing about Dhs3500 from the iron safe, in addition to two computers.

The first suspect was arrested and confessed that a second suspect was in charge of monitoring the road outside the school, but he jumped from the top of the school fence, entered and stole the money and the two computers. He added they shared the revenues of the theft.

Dubai Customs inspection officers thwarted different drug smuggling attempts including seizures of 1,129 kg of cocaine, 554 Tramadol pills, 199 grams of cannabis, and 16,800 e-cigarettes. The passenger operations department made 928 seizures during the first half of 2019 (770 criminal seizures and 158 customs seizures).

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