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Maid films boy, 7, nude, forces him to say ‘I love you’

child abuse

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A 35-year-old Asian housemaid is facing charges of assaulting and harassing a 7-year-old child.

She reportedly committed strange acts, for no apparent reason.

She severely beat up the child, which injured him, and he was unable to perform his personal needs for two days.

In addition, she filmed him nude and forced him to say, “I love you.”

The defendant confessed to the charges before the Court.

Meanwhile, the child’s father testified that when he was at home, rushed to his son’s room when heard his screaming.

He found the maid is beating him up with a broom.

Consequently, he took her to the police station, where he discovered that the defendant had a video clip of his nude son in her phone.

In the clip she was heard forcing the boy to say the phrase “I love you.”

In a separate case the Dubai’s public prosecution charged a 26-year-old European female visitor of bringing and owning two kilogrammes of cocaine which she attempted to smuggle into the country through an airport.

According to official documents, a Dubai Customs female inspector testified she suspected the visitor’s bag which she searched her to find black plastic rolls fixed with nails at its bottom.

When she opened the rolls she found a white substance similar to cocaine, which she said she knew nothing about. She reportedly claimed that a person in her country gave it to her to hand over to another person. She added that person gave her €200.

In yet another case Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday looked into the case of five Asian suspects charged with stealing a machine used for paying the bills of Etisalat (automatic payment) containing Dhs3,000, in addition to several thefts in the same manner.

According to the case papers, the testimony of the victim, other witnesses and the confession of the first suspect, the director of the store, where the machine was stolen, received a call from a worker alerting the stealth of the automatic payment machine.

The surveillance cameras of the store showed the thieves used a pickup to transport the machine but their features were not clear.

The police arrested the suspects and interrogated them. The first suspect confessed he had colluded with the other suspects to steal these machines.

They took the last machine they stole on a pick up to a farm in a neighbouring emirate after cutting the chain with iron scissors. There, they waited until midnight, then they broke the machine, distributed the money and then threw it into the nearby garbage. By searching the farm, the police found the tools of the crime.

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