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‘Rapist’ kidnaps woman under syringe threat


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A man using a dating website to lure women into rape traps abused one more after threatening to inject her with a syringe, a jury heard on Tuesday.

The defendant – an African jewellery designer, 32 – reportedly used the dating website to lure two women into his apartment then raped them. He was sued in May for abusing a 53-year-old Serbian woman 20 times.

He also beat her up and forced her to eat dog food. Prosecutors sued him on Tuesday for having employed the same website to lure a Ukrainian woman, 33, and forced her inside his apartment under syringe threats.

Records showed he abused the Ukrainian woman five times on Dec.29 last year. He abused the Serbian on Jan.4. Prosecutors demanded the Dubai Criminal Court to hand him the toughest penalty applicable.

In police records, the Ukrainian narrated that she got in contact with the defendant on the dating website (BADOO). He on Dec.29 requested to meet her and go out together to a cafe in Marina. He arrived in a taxi.

He talked her into accompanying him in the taxi. They arrived at a building in Al Barsha area where he stayed. He asked her to come to his apartment. She refused. He pulled out a syringe vowing to inject her.

“I screamed but there was no one around to help, so I went with him to the first floor apartment,” she said. He locked the door and placed the key in his pocket. He picked a knife threatening to stab her if she shouted.

He played loud music so no one could hear her cries. He waged the assault then fell asleep beside her. He did not allow her to leave. In the morning the next day, he assaulted her four more times then told her to get out.

She filed a complaint at Al Barsha Police Station. A medical report showed his DNA was found on her. Prosecutors said the defendant used the same website and style to lure both women into his flat within one week.

He denied kidnap and rape charges in court. His lawyer asked the jury to refer him to a mental assessment claiming he suffered from a psychiatric disorder. However, the defendant denied having any mental problems.

“I don’t have mental issues, I was an addict and recovered. I don’t have my treatment pills. I did not rape anyone. What syringe are they talking about?” he argued. The next hearing was adjourned until Nov.3.

Recently, a deported thief who infiltrated the border to return and rape a woman at his former workplace saw his five-year jail term doubled by the Appeals Court.

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