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UAE offers better mobility tech for ‘special’ people


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Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Moving in and out of the homes is no longer a problem for People of Determination in the UAE, which is ahead of several other countries in offering better mobility technology for People of Determination. A private national company in the Arab world’s second biggest economy has innovated a number of solutions to help People of Determination move around and become self-reliant with better mobility to enable them become one of the community’s productive segments and contribute to nation-building.

Manafeth, established in 2014, has at the core of its objectives manufacturing, innovating and modifying all basic tools and aids that facilitates life for this vital segment of the community whose numbers in the Middle East is 50 million.

Fahed Abdullah, Founder and Managing Director of Manafeth, a medical company, said: “Our products are specifically dedicated to People of Determination. These products help them move around and facilitate their mobility from one place to another. This includes wheelchairs fixed to cars, depending on their models.  The mobile electric bases help People of Determination to move around freely. Our products also include mobile elevators to help People of Determination enter and exit the desired locations. We also have wheelchairs to help them climb staircases and assistive devices to help them drive their cars.”

He added:“We are currently introducing modern technologies to help People of Determination drive regardless of the severity of their disabilities by designing and manufacturing aids that fit all car models and segments according to engineering studies that have been recognised by leading global car manufacturers.”

Fahed added: “We have big goals to better the lives of People of Determination as we are working to contribute to their inclusion and participation in the community with the support of a number of technicians, all well-trained by the best Italian companies supplying these technologies.”

He added: “In the UAE, we are ahead in the field of disability compared to countries of the region, but we want to benchmark ourselves against the developed countries as the official authorities stress the importance of integrating them in the community and making use of their expertise, while also encouraging them, developing their skills and exploring their talents.”

Fahed emphasized: “There is hardly a family without a disabled, sick or elderly member. These is a shortage in local industries pertaining to this segment.

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