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Trio jailed for exploiting poor girl, divorcee in Dubai


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

Two men and a countrywoman who ganged up to force an underprivileged girl and a divorcee in the flesh trade were on Sunday jailed for five years.

The Asian businessman, 55, and supervisor, 43, with the help of fugitives made use of the victims’ financial status to lure them into coming to the UAE with the prospect of better jobs.

Both operated a brothel inside an apartment rented by the businessman and another rented by the supervisor.

They facilitated prostitution to streetwalkers and kept fetching clients against cash.

They benefited from prostitution proceeds of the countrywoman –a visitor, 29,  until Sept.15.

The countrywoman abetted human trafficking crimes, welcoming brothel clients and collecting cash.

At the Criminal Court, she broke down. The hearing was held behind closed doors. The court has jailed them for five years plus deportation and ordered the confiscation of seized Dhs39,313 proceeds.

The Bangladeshi girl, 15, hailed from a needy family.

A woman who had been working in the UAE promised to find her a Dubai job as a maid.

They agreed she would work and repay the travel expenses.

The woman exaggerated her age in the passport to 25 years. She arrived in Dubai on Aug.16. The businessman took her to a flat in Naif, seized her passport and visa and told her she would streetwalk.

She refused. He insulted and slapped her and demanded Dhs11,000 spent on bringing her.

He vowed to sell her to exploiters or keep confining her. He and the countrywoman collected her proceeds.

The hard-up divorcee, 25, said the woman who earlier worked in the UAE employed similar deceits to bring her.

The businessman received her on Aug.18 and took her to the same brothel in Naif.

She found the girl there crying that she was working under duress.

The next day the supervisor took her to his brothel. He told her there was no job other than the flesh trade. She hesitated.

The businessman insulted and threatened to beat her. He demanded her to repay Dhs8,800 he spent on bringing her in case she wanted to return to her home country. She started working.

The court cleared the businessman of abusing the girl twice but jailed him for one year for meeting the countrywoman.

It jailed her for three months for streetwalking. It cleared the supervisor of meeting a streetwalker who was convicted and deported.


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