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Businessman, friend booked for assaulting dancer in Dubai


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday heard the case of a 41-year-old Asian businessman and his fugitive friend who were charged with assaulting a dancer in a nightclub and locking her in her room for several days.

The victim, 23, witnessed that after working hours ended at 3am, one of the staff at the club gave her a cup of lemon juice which drank and felt dizzy. She told her colleague what had happened. Then, the suspect and his fugitive friend came and searched the dressing room and the phone of the victim, then he took her and other dancers to a hotel.

Minutes later, he and his friend entered the victim’s room where they both assaulted her. Later the first suspect took her to the flat where he detained her for some days.

After that, he allowed her to return to work and gave her the mobile with which she called the police.

Meanwhile, a gang of nine Asians stole Dhs1.8 million from bank clients after obtaining and falsifying information about them.

A 63-year-old GCC trader testified he ran the assets of his GCC client and used to deposit the profits in a bank account. The trader added he registered his mobile number with the bank to receive the usual bank messages.

“Before the incident, the service was disconnected from my phone, so I called the telecommunications company to enquire about the reason and they told me someone applied to obtain a new SIM card with the same number, after the submission of a false identity card and forged data,” the trader pointed out.

It turned out that the fourth suspect who worked for the telecommunications company received a bribe from one of the gangsters to facilitate obtaining a new SIM card under the name of the victim.

Using the SIM card, the gangsters transferred Dhs1.219 million from the victim’s account, conniving with the third suspect who provided the victim’s data as he worked for the bank.

Investigations found that the suspects stole Dhs1.8 million from three bank accounts.

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