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Gang in the dock for stealing Dhs1.6m


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Ihab Atta, Staff Reporters

The Dubai Criminal Court on Wednesday heard a case in which a gang of 10 people was charged with stealing Dhs1.6 million out of a total of Dhs1.7 million from a sales executive. The money which was inside a bag scattered on the ground after the bag was ripped due to a brawl between the victim and the gangsters.

According to the case papers, the victim was driving his motorbike towards Al Muteina Street carrying the amount in a bag, which he got from the sale of electronic devices, when he was attacked by the three suspects. One of them sprayed pepper on his face, another punched him in the face and a third pulled the bag, leading to scattering of the money.

With the help of others, the three collected the money and fled.

In another development, the Fujairah Court sentenced three Asians to two years’ imprisonment for stealing the property of others.

Details of the case date back to the time when the suspects connived to rob a furniture store in Fujairah.

They headed to the store, broke its doors with an iron tool, stole furniture which they put on a truck driven by the third suspect, closed the store and fled.

In the morning people workers at the store discovered the theft which they reported to the police.

Through investigations and the surveillance cameras, the thieves were identified and arrested. They were referred to the Public Prosecution where they were charged with theft and stealing the property of others.

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