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Family jailed for stabbing daughter’s friend


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A mother and five family members who kidnapped and stabbed an Emirati man over the disappearance of her daughter were on Sunday jailed for two years.

Her daughter –a student, 18- was friends with the victim and would explain to him how the male family members would abuse mind altering drugs and beat her up while accusing her of having links with various men.

Once, the victim drove her and dropped her at a police station to complain. Thereafter, the mother returned her home. She was mistreated again. She fled to the apartment of her friend in Abu Dhabi, she revealed.

Her mother, 54, two brothers and three relatives (aged 19 to 27) thought the victim was behind her disappearance. They kidnapped him and confined him to their house in Nad Al Hamar area, prosecutors explained.

They stabbed him with knives and whipped him with sticks. They also injected him with an unknown substance which made him lose consciousness. Besides the attempted murder, they forced him to strip naked. They filmed him with their phones. They vowed to slaughter him, and also publicise the clips in case he complained to the police. They stole his iPhone. The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced them to two years in jail.

On the record, the victim befriended the girl on Instagram social media in September last year. They agreed to meet. She told him she was at her friend’s house in Nad Al Hamar –which was actually the family home.

He picked her up with his car. She told him she was being mistreated. He suggested she contact police. She told him her family checked her phone conversations and knew about him. “I felt frightened,” he said.

After the meeting, he transported her to the Bur Dubai police station, dropped her and left. Days later, he started receiving threatening calls from a man who then told him that the family wanted his help in finding the girl.

They agreed to meet. The man (a relative) arrived with four others. They abducted the victim and took him inside the house. The relative knifed his right arm. The elder brother grabbed his mobile while brandishing a knife.

“You are going to die today, say your last prayers,” threatened the brother before thrusting a punch on his head. They stripped him and filmed him after which the elder brother ordered him to prostrate before him.

They punched, kicked, caned and stabbed him. The mother vowed to order them to slaughter him. She later told them to stop because he was about to die. They dropped him at a clinic’s entrance and drove off.

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