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Fake government worker immured for rape


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A deported thief who infiltrated the border to return and rape a woman at his former workplace has seen his five-year jail term doubled by the Appeals Court.

The Asian man, 46, was a municipal employee. He stole from his workplace and got deported. He returned and roamed around Al Mamzar Park around 8pm on Oct.6, 2018 carrying a walkie-talkie, whistle and telescope.

He had a card hang around his neck showing he was a municipal employee. He kidnapped the Pakistani visitor, 22, under threats to fine her Dhs500 for entering the waters and swimming at an undesignated area.

He insisted he had to take her to a police station since she also had no ID. He took her to a dark side of the park surrounded by trees and breakwaters. He grabbed her by the hair and seized her mouth, records showed.

He threatened to slap her with a hefty fine in case she shouted for help. He battered her head and abused her. He punched her head and abused her again. She sustained injuries. DNA tests were positive.

During a Criminal Court hearing on Jan.10 he denied and claimed the affair was consensual. The court later found him guilty, jailed him for five years plus deportation and ordered that the seized items be confiscated.

He appealed for leniency. Prosecutors demanded a harsher punishment against him. The Dubai Appeals Court has sentenced him to ten years in the dock after which he will be deported.

On the record, she and a Pakistani cabbie were on an excursion on Al Mamzar Beach when he showed up demanding to know what they were doing together. He asked for their IDs. The cabbie went to fetch his from his car.

The defendant threatened her with a Dhs500 fine or arrest. He ordered her to scale a metal barrier and claimed he was taking her to the police station. She told him it was dark. He insisted it was a shortcut to the station.

He intimidated her saying that she better stop disputing with him since he was a government employee. She complied. He forced her to perilously walk over rocks until they reached the sandy area.

She begged him to leave her. He vowed to kill her and throw the body in the sea. She cried and resisted. He battered her head. She later escaped to the main road. The cabbie said, “She was dirty, crying and unable to talk.”

An Emirati lieutenant said, “He earlier worked at that park.” Another said, “He expressed remorse. He was a repeat offender fired from the municipality and deported over repeated harassment offences and a theft case.”

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