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Teen student rapes jobseeker at gunpoint


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A 19-year-old student posed as an employer to lure and abuse a jobseeker at gunpoint, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Wednesday.

The Arab student was sued on suspicion of forcibly stripping the Kenyan visitor, 28, after casting fear in her. He brandished a pistol in her face threatening to kill her. She surrendered. This happened on Feb.3.

Prosecutors demanded the jury to sentence him to the toughest punishment applicable in this regard. Jail wardens failed to present him. Court hearing continues.

In prosecution records, the woman came on a visit visa and told female African friends she was looking for a job. A female Cameroonian told her that a countryman knew an Arab man (the defendant) who had a job.

The countryman connected her with the defendant. She sat in the defendant’s car to take her to the supposed workplace. He later pulled over at a building under construction and pestered her for a physical affair.

She refused. He grabbed and ripped her blouse. He pulled out a pistol from under his seat and brandished it in her face after which he use a syringe injected himself with a ‘narcotic’ liquid.  She got too scared to resist.

He stripped and offended her for one hour after which he told her not to tell anyone what had happened. She pledged not to do so. He accepted to return her to the mall in Nahdah area where he picked her from.

On the way, she asked him to drop her at a shopping centre in Mirdif and told him that she would call a friend to pick her up from there. She rather contacted police on 999 and also shouted calling the public for help.

Over the phone, police told him to leave her. He ended the call and angrily told her he would not. She contacted police again. Police talked to him. He ended the call, opened the window and threw the phone outside.

He continued driving. She perceived he was going to harm her. She clutched him and pulled him towards her. The car lost balance and started veering. His phone fell on her as he struggled to regain control over the wheel.

He slammed on the brakes. She opened the door to escape. He kicked her and she landed on the ground with his phone. He sped off. She picked the phone and sought the help of a construction worker to contact the police.

An Emirati sergeant said a source who heard that the defendant scuffled with an African woman inside his car and she remained with his phone directed police to him. DNA tests were positive, a forensic lab report showed.

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