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Farm worker caged for bid to kill colleague


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A farm worker who jumped inside a vehicle and ran over a rival chef for putting livestock feed in a dirty pot will spend six months in prison.

The Asian defendant, 58, disliked the Asian chef’s cuisine and wished that the latter quit. He usually vowed to run over him to death for preparing and serving unsavoury meals, read Al Hebab Police Station records.

On Jan.2 the chef put food waste in a pot and asked the defendant to feed it to the sponsor’s sheep. He protested saying the pot was dirty and questioned why the chef put the waste inside the pot in the first place.

They traded obscenities, involving each other’s parents. The defendant entered the sponsor’s vehicle, accelerated, knocked and ran over the chef. A medical report showed the chef sustained broken arms.

He reversed with the aim of killing him. The chef’s workmate stood between the vehicle and the chef. The chef ran away. In court the defendant contended that they disputed and the dispute erupted into a fight.

“I inflicted him with injuries by mistake. I did not have any motive to kill him. I was driving away when I knocked him.” The Criminal Court gave him six months plus deportation. The Appeals Court has upheld it.

The chef complained that while on duty at their sponsor’s house, he placed rice in a pot. The defendant refused to take it to the sheep. A heated argument broke out. The defendant insulted the chef’s parents.

The chef returned insult for insult. The defendant walked out boiling with anger and sat inside the vehicle. “I was going to the store to fetch soap when he suddenly accelerated and deliberately knocked me.

“I fell and sustained fractures in both arms. He reversed to knock me again. I ran away. He picked a stick to flog me.” The house’s inhabitants seized him and contacted police and ambulance services.

“He wanted to kill me,” revealed the chef adding, “He was nervous. He had always threatened to fatally run over me on grounds he loathed my cuisine.” Policemen arrived and picked up the defendant.

The workmate said. “The defendant insisted he wouldn’t carry the pot because it was dirty. He demanded a clean one. They disputed and traded insults. I broke the fight. The defendant walked out. The victim also walked out.

“Shortly, I heard a bang. I found the victim on the ground. The defendant reversed towards him. I stepped in and told the victim to run. The defendant wanted to kill him. He was shouting that ‘I will kill you. I will never leave you.”

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