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Video: All but 3 school bus accident victims discharged from hospital


Humaid Al Qutami meets an injured child at the the hospital.

Rashid Hospital doctors provided high quality treatment for the 17 patients who were injured as a result of a car accident involving a school bus that took place this morning in Dubai.

The hospital treated the patients based on international medical practices and all the patients were discharged except for one student, the bus driver and the bus supervisor.

The patients included 15 young students who all suffered from minor injuries and so were discharged except for one student who required further medical supervision.

Meanwhile the driver and bus supervisor suffered from severe injuries that require medical intervention.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA)-run hospital announced a disaster preparedness code that mobilizes resources and manpower required to receive a big scale accident after it was notified at 7am in the morning about the accident, in order to ensure that the medical teams and facilities are ready to receive the patients.


Humaid Al Qutami talks with one of the victims of accident.

The emergency team, which included 11 doctors from the ICU, surgery and trauma departments were all on standby to receive the injured.

The doctors conducted all the tests and Xrays needed and divided the emergency reception area into two areas, one for minor injuries and the other for the medium injuries, while the ICU rooms received the severe cases.

The hospital also formed a team of administration staff to meet parents and family members and update them about the condition of the children and the other patients.

Humaid Al Qutami, Director General of the DHA visited the hospital and met with the patients.

During his visit, Al Qutami commended the efforts of the medical team who were responsible for caring for the patients, that included Dr Sara Kazim, Consultant emergency physician and Head of the Emergency Department at Rashid hospital and the medical and administration teams involved.

He also stressed that the authority takes pride in the fact the Dubai is home to Rashid Hospital, which is a leading trauma-receiving facility for major disasters in the emirate of Dubai and which has received a number of international services and awards for excelling in the field of trauma care.

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