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Three days after joining, skivvy robs employer


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

An Asian maid, 42, decided to rob her employer only 3 days after she had been hired. She stole Dhs2,000 and her passport and ran away.

During the Public Prosecution’s interrogations, the defendant confessed that she planned the theft one day after she had been hired and that she wanted not to continue working for her employer and to run away.

The victim, an Arab, 44, testified that he had recruited the defendant, trusted her and introduced her to his family. He also allowed her to rest on the first day of employment because she was tired of long travel. On the following day, the defendant did some domestic work but the victim was surprised on the third day of the maid’s arrival that she was not in her room. As she did not have a mobile phone, the victim could not call her and waited for her return home but in vain. He suspected that she had run away and immediately he searched a bag he had put in the sitting room to find that the defendant had stolen Dhs2,000 and her passport and run away.

In an unrelated development, the Criminal Court in Dubai on Thursday looked into the case of a 36-year-old African visitor accused of possessing fake $100 notes and forging government stamps and official documents.

A hotel’s security manager testified that while he was on duty, he received a call from the receptionist informing him that an African man wanted to book a room for one night, but he presented a passport with a photo that did not belong to him.

She doubted the passport, but he tried to convince her that his features had changed, claiming that he was slender and beardless. She reserved a room for him and gave him the key, the security manager added.

He observed him through the surveillance cameras, through which he saw another African guy waiting in front of the elevator, and both went up and came out of the elevator on the same floor. That guy was dragging a suitcase and both entered the same room before coming out minutes later, the security manager said. 

He went to the elevator and stopped them and asked the defendant to see his ID card, but he said, “I do not have an ID card and I made the reservation under my friend’s name.” When he asked him for his friend, he replied, “He is not here now.” So, he asked the defendant to give him the key and he did.

The security manager called the police, but they ran away.

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