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Man rescues fiancée from rapist robbers

Dubai courts

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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A lifeguard got thumped with a cricket bat during a struggle to rescue his fiancée from rapist robbers, a court heard on Wednesday.

Three Asian men –a builder, 30, a driver, 31, and a labourer, 26- appeared at the Dubai Criminal Court for having targeted the Nepalese lifeguard, 27, and his compatriot fiancée –a cleaner, 25- at midnight on April 22.

The builder flashed a card posing as a detective as the others repeatedly shouted ‘police!’

He grabbed the cleaner’s Dhs600 mobile, an Emirates ID, a bank card and Dhs60. The others clutched the lifeguard by the clothes.

They stole his visa.

They dragged him aside to enable the builder sexually assault the cleaner inside a car. However, the lifeguard freed himself from their grip and fled as the labourer whacked him with the bat.

He sustained contusions all over his right arm, and a finger injury.

He stopped the builder from implementing his indecent motive.

Prosecutors charged the driver and labourer with complicity in the attempted rape.

On the record, the couple walked out of a restaurant in Al Quoz on their way home.

They were walking past a sandy parking lot when the builder showed up, flashed a card and claimed in Arabic that he was a police officer.

He demanded them to show their identification documents.

The cleaner showed her ID and the lifeguard showed a copy of his visa. The driver and the labourer immediately grabbed him by the clothes and pulled him away.

The builder grabbed the cleaner so violently that she screamed in pain.

He covered her mouth with his hand and dragged her. He shoved her in the backseat of an abandoned car. She waveringly resisted and shouted.

The lifeguard escaped from the duo and pulled the builder away. He engaged them in a brawl until the cleaner jumped out of the car and fled to the main road calling upon passersby. The attackers dispersed.

The cleaner complained that she sustained injuries on her arm, neck and mouth. Case continues.


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