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Man jailed for harassing woman on Dubai metro


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The Dubai Criminal Court on Thursday sentenced an Asian sales representative to 3 months in jail to be followed by deportation after being convicted of harassing a female employee while trying to use the metro.

The case dates back to February 14 when the victim was sitting in a metro cabin with the defendant, who looked as if he had consumed alcohol.

While sitting, the defendant harassed the employee by putting his hand between her bag and breast.

The employee yelled at the defendant who asked her not to call the police. He tried more than once to run away but the police arrived soon enough to arrest him.

Recently, the Dubai Public Prosecution referred 4 Asians including two drivers in their presence and two others who are still at large to the Dubai Criminal Court for trial on charges of stealing electric cables worth Dhs168,000 from the warehouses of several companies in three separate cases.

According to the official records, the defendants stole electric cables from the warehouses of several companies using the same method, which made it easy for them to be arrested.

They used to make a plan, assign roles among them and then commit their theft at night using shears to break the lock of the door and enter the warehouses with masks on their faces to make it difficult for them to be recognised.

Afterwards, they used to load the electric cables in two vehicles borrowed from a person and return the vehicles later on with the stolen items in it to the same person against a sum of money.

One of the defendants confessed that he was assigned to the role of driving the vehicle while two others were engaged in stealing the electric cables and the fourth kept an open eye on the place until the theft was completed.

Last week, the Criminal Court in Dubai looked into the case of an Asian salesman, 35, accused of stealing 17 gold chains weighing about half a kilogram of gold from the workplace using an ID card of a client.

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