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4 on trial for stealing cables worth Dhs168,000


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Ehab Atta/ Ameer Al Sunni, Staff Reporters

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred 4 Asians including two drivers in their presence and two others who are still at large to the Dubai Criminal Court for trial on charges of stealing electric cables worth Dhs168,000 from the warehouses of several companies in three separate cases.

According to the official records, the defendants stole electric cables from the warehouses of several companies using the same method, which made it easy for them to be arrested.

They used to make a plan, assign roles among them and then commit their theft at night using shears to break the lock of the door and enter the warehouses with masks on their faces to make it difficult for them to be recognised.

Afterwards, they used to load the electric cables in two vehicles borrowed from a person and return the vehicles later on with the stolen items in it to the same person against a sum of money.

One of the defendants confessed that he was assigned to the role of driving the vehicle while two others were engaged in stealing the electric cables and the fourth kept an open eye on the place until the theft was completed.

Separately, the Fujairah Criminal Court heard a case in which 4 Asians including a girl in her twenties were charged with human trafficking and using force.

According to the official records, the girl was brought from her home country by one of the defendants, who promised her that she would work as a waitress in a restaurant for Dhs2,000 per month.

When the girl came to the UAE, she went with the defendant to an apartment, in which he lived with the other defendants.

He handed the girl over to another defendant for Dhs5,000.

The girl stayed with a number of other girls waiting for the promised job but discovered later that the place was used for committing prostitution. When the girl refused to respond to the defendant’s orders to have sex with men coming to the apartment, the defendant slapped her in the face, assaulted her and threatened to harm her if she would not comply.

The place was later raided by the criminal investigation agents following a tip-off that the place was used for prostitution.

All the defendants including the girl were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution, which charged them with running a brothel.

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