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Salesperson steals half a kilo gold from workplace


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court on Monday looked into the case of an Asian salesman, 35, accused of stealing 17 gold chains weighing about half a kilogram of gold from the workplace using an ID card of a client.

According to the Public Prosecution, the director general of the company for which the defendant worked at one of its shops that trade in gold as a senior seller, stated that the accused was responsible for the gold chains at the store in charge of conducting daily inventory through the system in force in the company. Thus, the theft was detected through the daily inventory, where a shortage of 17 gold chains in his custody of was missing, she added.

“Through reviewing the defendant’s records on the electronic system, suspicious and inaccurate sales and mistakes were detected. Those manipulations were audited and reviewed to find occurrence of fake sales and fraudulent electronic invoices carried out by the defendant to cover the crime of theft and lack of custody,” the director-general said.

Among those invoices, one invoice of a fake sale of 18 grams of 18-karat, contrary to the fact that it was 21-karat. He also used ID card belonging to a customer who forgot it while buying jewelry from the shop to make a fake sales operation. It was founds that owner of the ID card did not buy that gold chains mentioned in the invoice.

After the defendant was fired from the company, one person called the director-general claiming he is the defendant’s friend and wanted to mediate between him and the company. He informed her that his friend wanted to return the stolen gold, but she told him that the defendant must communicate himself so as to the matter settled, she told the prosecution.

Recently, the Sharjah Criminal Court looked into a robbery case that involved three Africans suspects who attacked and robbed an Asian man.

According to the leads on the case, the three suspects attacked and brutally beat the victim using a stick in an attempt to rob him while he was helpless and unarmed.

The suspects denied all directed accusations in the court, however confessed to beating the victim using their fist and without the use of any weapons.

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