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11 stand trial in Dhs3m robbery case


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Ihab Atta, Staff Reporter

Eleven African, Arab, European, GCC and Asian people, including two fugitives, had colluded and planned to steal Dhs3 million during a fake cash transfer deal.

The 9th suspect, according to case papers, planned the crime.

He was tasked to select victims and decide the places of crime in Jumeirah, where there were no surveillance cameras.

The role of the 4th suspect was to impersonate an intermediary between the victims and fake traders.

Suspects 5, 6 and 7 played the fake traders’ roles.

The 8th suspect reportedly provided the 5th with his military card to impersonate a policeman.

A police officer told the Dubai Public Prosecution they received a tipoff reporting a robbery.

Investigations identified the involved suspects.

One of them lured the victims and cheated them claiming that they were going to conclude the deal, in return for a percentage of the currency difference. Three of the suspects impersonating as policemen, raided the place and seized Dhs3 million in a suitcase and fled.

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