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Stem cells need follow-up: Doctor


Dr Steven Victor.

Niloufar Saleem, Staff Reporter

Stem cells are magic that need follow-up for best results, says Dr Steven Victor, an American Board Certified Specialist in Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Cosmetic Dermatology, in an exclusive Facebook Live interview with Gulf Today.

Dr Steven Victor has over 30 years’ experience in research, development and providing treatment through stem cell therapy for various chronic diseases and beauty treatment.

He is the only DHA licensed Physician in Regenerative Medicine in UAE.

Dr. Steven started off by emphasizing about the special kind of stem cells that are used by him.

The special stem cells are taken from the body of the same person instead of someone else’s.

Unlicensed doctors and many clinics who claim to give stem cells treatment use cells of other individuals to cure patients, which could be harmful in the long-run insists the doctor.

He talks about how important using the tissues and cells of the same individual is and how it could save a patient from developing many other complications.

‘Special environment and care is taken by us to develop these special cells. They are natural with no enzymes. ‘

Dr Steven explains how the stem cells are given to the patients through Intravenous in the bloodstream, which makes an individual feel a lot younger.

Stem cells stimulate new blood vessels, make scars especially of burns or acne disappear and make you feel and look a lot younger, he says.

The Doctor gives a short brief about how stem cells came to be used.

In the year 1995 stem cells started tobe used on horses to help them heal.

Soon in the year 2002 it was discovered by researchers that it could be used in people and from the year 2006 they started working on it.

Today all the major medical schools have regenerative medicine. That’s how far science has developed he says.

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