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Woman slaughters her daughter


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Aya Al Deeb, Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal on Sunday morning continued its hearing for the trail of an African woman accused of premeditated  slaughtering of her daughter.

According to the details of the case, the African woman stabbed her daughter with a knife in her neck that caused her death. During the session, the defendant confessed before the Court to have deliberately killed her daughter.

When asked about the lawyer assigned to defend her, the defendant said the Court assigned a lawyer to defend her during her trial in the Court of First Instance, but he failed to appear in the Court of Appeal.

The Court decided to adjourn the case to Monday hearing, to delegate a lawyer to defend the accused.

In another case, three Asians stormed a villa seeing its windows loosely closed and the absence of its owners and stole jewels and watches worth over Dhs70,000 (€18,000).

According to the case, the victim discovered the theft the following day when he was inspecting his room and found that the small metal safe had disappeared. The safe contained valuable watches, jewels and gold rings of an estimated value of €18,000 in addition to significant documents, a hard disk and his family members’ passports. When asked, the victim’s wife said she did not know where the safe had disappeared. The victim then called the police for investigation.

A First Lieutenant at Dubai Police testified that he received a report about the theft and an investigation was initiated. A tip-off was received from reliable sources that the three defendants were behind the theft and consequently they were arrested.

The interrogations showed that one of the defendants drove a taxi while the two others headed to the said villa and rang the bell. When nobody answered, they realised that there was nobody in the villa, particularly as the lights were turned off. They climbed the wall, entered into the villa through a loosely closed window, stole the safe and ran away to a sandy area where they opened the safe using special tools and divided the jewels among them.

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