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Russian woman assaults 4 cops at police station


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

In an uncommon and strange incident, anger gripped a Russian visitor while she was being detained at a police station, which drove her to assault four cops there including two men and women.

The victims confirmed to the Dubai Public Prosecution that the defendant was in the upper floor of the detention unit at Al Barsha Police station before the incident. One of the victims (22-year-old policewoman) was left shocked when the accused came to the ground floor, which is not allowed by law. When the cop asked her to go back to the detention room on the top floor, the defendant refused and insulted the victim and kicked her in the stomach.

This took place in the presence of the second victim, who tried to save her colleague from the defendant’s attack. The latter held the victims by their hair until one of their male colleagues rushed to save them, but the defendant beat him up as well and also another male colleague.

In another case, The Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday decided that it was outside its purview to hear the case involving two Arabs charged with possessing around 50 kilogrammes of amphetamine.

According to the official records, the General Department of Anti-narcotics, Dubai Police, received a tip-off that a man possessed a quantity of narcotics for abuse and peddling. A date was set between an undercover agent and the defendant. The defendant asked the agent to get a vehicle to bring the drugs in and the police provided the agent with the required vehicle.

The defendant and the agent moved to Sharjah and stopped in a place where the second defendant was supposed to meet them and bring two bags of drugs.

The place was raided and the two defendants were arrested after they attempted to run away. Some 16 kilograms of amphetamine were seized in the first bag and around 34 kilograms in the other.

In another case, A 29-year-old African woman was sentenced to three months in prison to be followed by deportation by the Dubai Criminal Court for amputating a woman’s lower lip, which she bit in a quarrel.

The amputation caused a permanent disability of three per cent according to the documents.

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