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Arab actress sentenced to 3 months in jail


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The Dubai Misdemeanour Court sentenced an Arab actress, M.H., to three months in jail to be followed by deportation over committing indecent acts.

The case has been deliberated by the state courts for months, between a well-known critic, S. J. and H.M. The Court acquitted the critic of all charges against him.

While, the actress was convicted for committing indecent conduct, but acquitted of the charges of insulting and publishing an indecent video of her.

The details of the case go back to the referral of S.J. and M.H. by the Public Prosecution to Court of Misdemeanors.

The first faced charges of insulting and slandering M.H and re-publishing a video posted on the Internet for her in a concert with a rap singer.

The critic criticised the video clip, which he re-published. While, the actress faced charges of insulting the critic, publishing indecent video and committing an indecent act.

The case has been deliberated in its first phase in 12 judicial sessions from 3/9/2018 until its verdict on 25/7/2018.

The Court based on the request of the lawyer of S.J, deputized an expert from the Criminal Evidence Department of Dubai Police - who prepared his criminal report in the case file. The Court considered the expert’s report and discussed it with him.

Dr Huraa Musa, the lawyer of S.J, argued that her client did not insult or slander the defendant, but criticised her photographs and videos published in the case.

Recently, in a separate case involving another actress the Court of Misdemeanours in Dubai had fined the four defendants in the mutual assault and insult case, including the Arab actor Zeina, her sister, the American tourist and his wife, Dhs10,000 each.

The case was reviewed through several stages by the Misdemeanour Court in Dubai.

In the last stage, the American family’s lawyer Awatif Mohammed pleaded that the case be returned to the Dubai Prosecution to charge the actor and her sister with assaulting a 12-year-old girl, the daughter of the tourist and his wife.

The Misdemeanours Court closed the case by fining the defendants.

The witness, who was a customer at the restaurant in which the incident took place, testified that he saw the actress assaulting the girl and when he tried to stop the actress from hitting the girl, he was himself assaulted by the actress’s sister.

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