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Six attempt murder, rob 8 gold bars


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

Six Asians premeditatedly attempted to kill a compatriot, 53, in his flat with the purpose of stealing eight gold bars and Dhs24,000 kept in an iron safe. The defendants reportedly stabbed the victim in his chest and neck until he lost consciousness, and then stole the above mentioned valuables.

Through investigations, the Dubai Public Prosecution found out that the sixth defendant (fugitive) informed the main about few people possessing gold bars and a sum of cash

which they earned illegally. He was also told that they live in a flat in Al Nakheel area in Dubai, and that those valuables were kept in that flat.

Accordingly, the major defendant and the rest connived to sneak into the apartment and rob it. Their first attempt was foiled, as they sensed that those persons were inside. Few days later, they returned, where the sixth defendant rang the doorbell, while the rest hid. When the victim opened the door, he was pushed by the sixth defendant, while the fifth stabbed him on the left side of the chest. The victim fell to the ground and when he tried to get up again, the first defendant stabbed him in the neck. The sixth defendant then muzzled his mouth with a piece of cloth so that no one would hear his screams.

They asked him about the treasury’s key and he pointed to a key hanging on the wall. The first defendant took the key and tried to open the treasury but failed. They searched for the key to the treasury until they broke one of the drawers and found it. They opened the treasury and found inside it eight gold bars and a sum of Dhs24,000. The role of the second, third and fourth suspect was to watch the location until the crime was carried out.

Recently, in another case, the Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation sentenced an Asian director to 10 years in jail and obligated him to pay Dhs200,000 in blood money to be followed by deportation on charges of murdering one of his employees during a fishing trip as he previously knew the victim could not swim.

The case dated back to a dispute between the defendant and the victim after the latter had an affair with the defendant’s girlfriend. In response, the defendant gave assignments to the victim that did not fall within the scope of his work but the victim used to reject them.

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