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Worker kills maid while attempting to rob a villa


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

An Asian construction worker who faced financial troubles after he had been fired from work was involved in a murder and robbery case.

Following losing his job, the worker could not find a source of income, so he decided to roam among the villas in Al Barsha area, begging people help him find a job or give him something to eat. But unfortunately, his tour ended with a murder of a maid inside one villa.

The defendant admitted in the Dubai Public Prosecution’s investigation that the financial crisis was the cause of the crime. While passing by a villa where he worked under the supervision of his employer, he meets the maid who worked in the villa and lived in a separate room.

The maid (victim) was exiting from a supermarket that is close to the villa with her dog. She asked him about the reason of his presence in the area. He told her his story and then she left.

The idea, which came to his mind, was to rob the maid’s room. After he made sure that she went out with the dog, he took a round around the villa.

He then entered her room and searched for anything to steal, but was interrupted by the dog’s barking. He knew that she had returned, so he hid behind the door.

The maid entered the room and put some of her belongings, and on her way out of the room, she saw him hiding and screamed.

He immediately attacked her.  He grabbed her arm and hit her several times with a piece of iron used in cutting stones that was in his possession, thinking that this would make her lose consciousness only without killing her, according to his statement.

When she fell to the ground and saw her drenched in blood, he got scared and tried to escape. He opened the door, but her dog caught him by surprise by barking.

He hit the dog several times in the head as well, and fled.

When the villa’s owner returned, the injured dog rushed to him and he noticed stains of blood on him.

He immediately understood that a disaster had taken place. He rushed directly to the victim’s room, where he found her lying on her back with blood oozing out from her. He called the police immediately.

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