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Duo land in court for assaulting each other


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday heard a case in which two Asians were accused of exchanging assault with one of them attempting to kill the other with a knife.

According to the official records and their confessions, the defendants were drinking alcoholic beverages between midday and 5pm but had an altercation that led the second defendant to insult the first using indecent words. The first defendant responded using the same indecent words, causing the second to be furious and to deal a punch to him. Although they stopped quarrelling, the first defendant was not satisfied and decided to take revenge. He brought a big knife and stabbed the second defendant several times in the belly, which could have killed him without medical interruption.

Dhs 5,000 fine

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal looked into the case of a young Arab man charged with unintentionally causing injuries to two people and the destroying two palms in the country while driving his vehicle.

The accused attended the trial session and pointed out that the victims were his mother and his sister, and that only his sister had been injured.  They had already waived their rights in the case for him, he told the Court.

He continued, “What had happened was a mistake and that I a new graduate and this conviction will impact my future and hinder me to get a job opportunity.”

He asked the Court to use the utmost compassion and mercy in the sentence, and to commute the sentence of the court of first degree, which slapped him with a fine of Dhs5,000 and impoundment of his vehicle for three months.

For its part, the Court decided to postpone issuing the judgment to July 24.

Recently, a Gulf employee, 43, beat an Arab woman after insulting her in a parking lot for driving her car in the opposite direction and failing to park the car of her company, causing a permanent disability of three per cent to her.

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