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Youth forced to sign promissory note


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

An Asian man, 48, sought the help of two policemen who he knew very well to arrest the son of his partner, 24, and force him to sign a promissory note for Dhs132,000 in financial obligations to be paid by his partner.

According to the case, which the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Wednesday, the victim, who came to the United Arab Emirates on a visit visa in early May, was surprised by the second defendant coming to him in police uniform and asking him to accompany him to the patrol vehicle.

When the victim insisted on knowing why, the policeman told him that there were complaints that he was a fraudster who took people’s money illegally and would have to give the money back.

The second defendant, accompanied by the third defendant, drove the victim to the company of the first defendant, who was his father’s partner.

The second defendant called the first defendant and told him that the victim was in the patrol and that he should take him from the vehicle to his office.

The first defendant accompanied the victim to his company and asked him to sign a promissory note for Dhs132,000 as debts and financial obligations on his father.

As the victim refused to sign the note, the first defendant called the second defendant, who came and handcuffed the victim.

 He threatened him that he would have to sign the note; otherwise, he would be taken to the police station, where he would be forced to sign.

The victim succumbed to their pressures and signed the promissory note.

Later, the first defendant took the victim to his place of residence in a hotel and asked him to give him all his watches and perfumes worth around Dhs19,000.

The victim then called his father and told him what happened, asking him to call the police.

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