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Man caged for robbing person of determination


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A personal assistant who stole money from the bank account of a person of determination for delaying his salary has been sent to spend three months in the dock.

The Asian defendant, 23, was working for the Emirati man, 50, as his personal assistant when he snatched his ATM card and drained his bank account card on Feb.7, prosecutors explained.He withdrew Dhs10, 000

During Dubai Criminal Court questioning he argued that he was serving his employer and this included heading to ATMs to withdraw money for him. “I used the card upon his request and gave the money to him.”

Prosecution records showed that he acknowledged the incident and insisted the money he took was equivalent to the unpaid three-month wages. The court ordered that he be deported after serving the prison term.

In police records, the victim complained that he went to the bank at around 4:30pm on Feb.8 to withdraw money. He was astonished to learn that two cash withdraw operations were conducted in his account on Feb.7.

“Dhs5, 000 was withdrawn at 9:47am and Dhs5, 000 more was withdrawn at 9:48am through an ATM,” complained the victim, adding that he realised it was the defendant who did so since he was his personal assistant.

The victim revealed he was suffering from chronic diseases that bound him to a wheelchair.

“I brought the defendant three months ago to help me solve my personal needs, and take me to hospital on a semi-daily basis.

“He made use of his position to steal my ATM card and its passcode that I was keeping inside my car. He went on to withdraw money from my bank account.”

 The victim lodged a complaint at Al Qusais Police Station.

During interrogations, he acknowledged the incident but argued that the victim employed him and declined to pay him his salary. After working for three months without pay, he resolved to use the card and pay himself.

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