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Bootlegging security guard bites policeman


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A security guard part-timing as a bootlegger dug his teeth in a policeman’s thumb in a botched escape, a gathering heard on Wednesday.

The African defendant, 30, was referred to the Dubai Criminal Court over assault on an on-duty police officer. Jail wardens failed to bring him. Judge Fahd Rashid Al Shamsi adjourned the hearing till Jul.17 to bring him.

The Comorian policeman, 31, and his colleague were combing Al Wuheida area for lawbreakers when they spotted and suspected a car whose rear was tilted downward, indicating there was excessive weight in its trunk.

The defendant was behind the wheel. There were two other men inside the car, one of them in the front passenger seat. “On trying to stop the car, its driver sped away. We chased and cornered it,” narrated the policeman.

“The two men jumped out and fled. I ran after the defendant and seized him. I was trying to shackle him when he bit my right thumb and resisted in an attempt to escape. I contacted the operations room for support.”

The Pakistani colleague, 20, narrated, “I was driving the patrol vehicle.

“I and the policeman saw a car parked in the middle of the street, surrounded by several people. It was tilted and appeared to be full of something.

“I made sirens and also waved to its driver (the defendant) to stop the engine. He refused and sped off. I chased him until he entered an alley that was blocked at the end. He reversed and knocked the patrol vehicle.”

The defendant and the two men jumped out. The colleague said he ran after the two men and failed to catch any.

He returned and found the policeman struggling to shackle the defendant’s hands behind his back.

The defendant kept pushing the policeman. “I helped force him to the ground and shackle him,” explained the colleague. A recovery vehicle carried the car and the alcoholic drinks to Al Muraqqabat Police Station.

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